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Chapter 84 Edwardchloe - I'm Yours

  • "Morning Sweety... did you sleep well?" Edward's voice was muffled through the pain in Chloe's head. The woman massaged her forehead. Trying to open her eyes to respond to her husband's greeting. "Was I drunk last night?" The hoarse voice was heard asking for more explanation. Edward, who was currently preparing, turned his head. While tidying the tie he was wearing, the man approached and sat himself right next to his wife. The aroma of citrus and mint from Edward's perfume burst into Chloe's senses of smell. "Not just drunk. You even bothered me last night." Edward then handed her a glass of apple juice which he had prepared for Chloe to drink. "Drink this juice. Let the dizziness and nausea you're feeling right now go away." Chloe complied. He immediately took a slow sip of the drink that Edward handed him. "I'm drunk like this because of you," protested the woman, then handed her an empty glass of juice that she had finished. "Why am I in the wrong?" Edward frowned in surprise. But in Chloe's eyes, he was never right once. It's always considered wrong. "Yes, how could you leave me last night with another woman. Even though I only took a drink for a while!" Edward chuckled. Bringing his right hand, he rubbed the corner of Chloe's lips which were still wet from the juice she drank earlier. "I don't go with other women," he defended himself. "I swear to God, last night I just went to the toilet. And when I came back, I didn't see you." "Lie!" Chloe debate. "For God's sake, Chloe. I've even called your cell phone multiple times, and you're not responding to any of my calls." Chloe remembered the incident. While drinking, she, already annoyed with Edward, deliberately ignored the man's call to teach a lesson. "I'm sorry, honey," Edward said later. "I'm sorry I made you angry or annoyed. Really, I didn't mean to make you jealous." Chloe grimaced. Get ready to protest. "Who else is jealous? Don't overdo it. Besides, why would I be jealous of you." Edward chuckled softly. Don't be surprised if the woman in front of her is prestige or embarrassed to admit it. "Of course you are jealous. Last night while crying, you were also angry. Accusing me of deliberately making you jealous." Chloe pointed at her face. "Me? Said like that?" Edward nodded confidently. "Just so you know, last night you even admitted that you were fascinated by me from the first time you met. So infatuated and didn't want to be separated from me." "No way," Chloe chuckled loudly. He shook his head repeatedly. Doubt what her husband said. "How could I say something like that. I don't even remember it at all." "Of course I don't remember. You were very drunk last night." How could Chloe remember when what Edward said was a lie. The man deliberately exaggerated the story to see the woman's surprised expression. "Just so you know, last night you even openly asked me to have sex. You're so aggressive as usual." This time Chloe glared. "And we're both doing it again? Geez, Edward. Does that mean you fucked me last night? Taking advantage of my drunken state? You ---" "Shhh ..." Edward hissed. Ask Chloe to stop babbling. "How many times do I have to say, I'm a playboy. But not an asshole who likes to take advantage of circumstances. Don't have amnesia. You were the one who raped me when we first met!" Chloe immediately chuckled. "I can't even believe it was the first time you slept with a woman. Where's the history of playboys being virgins." Edward sighed irritably. He was used to being accused of that. "It's up to you whether you want to believe it or not. To be sure, you can ask all my ex-girlfriends, have I ever touched them while dating me." "But... by the way." Edward said again. "I want to ask you something." Chloe raised an eyebrow. I noticed the look on Edward's face that turned serious. "What do you want to ask?" "Last night I heard you say something. Actually, not just last night. But some time ago you also said the same thing. It's like over and over again." "Say what? Don't beat around the bush!" Chloe insisted. She became curious about herself responding to her husband's story. Edward looked at Chloe intensely. He seemed to think for a moment before speaking. "You said a sentence that more or less said you would not fall in love with a murderer. Even some time ago, in your sleep you also had the thought of wanting to kill someone. So my question is, who do you mean by killer or who exactly is the person you really want to kill? " Chloe was wide-eyed.
  • The words made him gasp for breath. It was true what Edward said earlier. When he was drunk, he liked to lose control and be troublesome. And the problem now is how to explain to her husband the murder charge aimed at Edward himself. "Oh my..." Chloe tried her best to keep her face as calm as possible. "I must be so drunk I'm raving like that." Chloe dodged. I was so afraid that I said things that made Edward suspicious last night. Can mess up all the plans that he has arranged neatly. Edward narrowed his eyes. He was trying to dive into Chloe's brown eyes and find out if what she said was true. "As far as I know, drunk people sometimes like to tell the truth. The filters in their bodies don't work normally. This is what makes drunkards often say what they've been hiding in their hearts. So, it could be that last night what you said was the truth that had been hidden for so long. ." Edward continued to chase Chloe. "How would I know if you actually wanted to kill me?" Chloe kept trying to calm her face in response to Edward's accusations. "I really don't remember what I said last night. I ---" Edward laughed loudly. This behavior made Chloe even more surprised. "Jesus Chloe, why are you so pale? I was just kidding." The man continued to laugh. "Besides, there's no way a woman like you would want to kill people." Chloe growled, grabbed the pillow, and threw it purposely at Edward. "Damn it!" he cursed angrily. "You'd better go now. I'm sure Nicholas must be waiting for you downstairs." Edward nodded in agreement. The man got up, ready to leave. "I'll stay first. See you later this afternoon." **** Chloe reads the report from Samuel's email intentionally sent to her. I was focusing on understanding what his assistant was informing there. The woman investigated for a long time. Needing more explanation, the woman chose to contact Samuel. "Sam, are you sure about the report you sent this time?" "Of course. Please check again. In the same year that Mrs. Nathalie died, it was stated that Mr. Edward was not in a relationship with anyone." "It could be, at that time he was in touch with Nathalie but the media didn't know about it." Chloe responded. "Take a look at the report I attached to the email. Almost all the women who dated Mr. Edward were introduced to the public at large. That means, he is a typical man who never hides his relationship. I dare conclude that your husband has never had a relationship with Mrs. Natalie." "Okay, let's say Edward isn't in a relationship with Nathalie. Then why is the man's business card in his bag? And why did Nathalie order me to find him until I can? For what, Sam?" Chloe said, getting emotional. "Don't forget, I didn't even just find a business card there. It was complete with a blue handkerchief with Edward's name on it." On the phone, Samuel sighed in frustration. He had been trying to solve the mystery of Nathalie Arley's death for a long time. But until this moment, not a single bright spot he found. The only hope was the woman's diary. It's just, where else should they look for these objects. "Madam..." Samuel spoke again. "My advice, until we find solid evidence, don't do anything that harms you or anyone else. I really don't want you to get into big trouble." Unknowingly, while holding her cell phone Chloe nodded. "I've told you so many times, I know what to do." After talking at length. Chloe ended the call. Still, the woman heard the bedroom door open in a sitting position on the sofa. There was Edward, who had just returned after finishing his work outside. "Have you had dinner?" asked the man as he removed the coat attached to his body. Get ready to go to the bathroom. "Yes," he said.
  • Edward approached Chloe's position first. Leaning over and kissing the top of her head briefly, he said softly, "Then rest now." While Edward was cleaning himself, Chloe shifted from the couch to the bed. But instead of sleeping, the woman leaned back. Bringing his hand to massage his forehead, which sometimes still feels dizzy from last night's hangover. "What now?" Edward asked as he came out of the bathroom. Still shirtless, the man approached. As usual, he immediately sat on the edge of the bed, not far from the position where Chloe was sitting. "I don't know, my head still feels dizzy from time to time." "Should we go to the doctor?" he asked worriedly. Chloe shook her head. "No need. Maybe it'll be gone soon." Edward reached for the glass of water on the nightstand and handed it directly to Chloe. "Drink first. Drunk people are usually dehydrated. It's best if you drink lots of water." "Yes I know it." Chloe followed Edward's orders. He finished gulping down the water in the glass. Without being asked, Edward took his hand. The man gently massaged Chloe's forehead. "I think with a massage like this, you can relax more." Chloe sighed softly. Instead of avoiding it, the woman just resigned herself to receiving treatment from her husband. "You must have done this to every date you used to, right?" While continuing to massage, Edward chuckled. "Why do you like to accuse me so carelessly?" "Aren't all playboys like that?" Chloe argued again. He seemed to know the temper of an intelligent man, "Maybe I'm an exception," Edward said casually. "But if I may know..." Chloe prepared to ask again. I thought this might be an excellent time to dig up some information about the man. "As a Playboy, do you remember how many women you've been in love with?" Edward stopped the massage of his hands. He seemed to be thinking, or maybe he was counting in his heart how many women he had been close to. "Maybe eight or nine." "Huh? Eight?" Chloe asked a little doubtfully. "I do not believe it." "Really, how much?" "I think you've dated more than 10 or even 20 women." Edward immediately laughed. "I'm not that crazy!" "Who knows," Chloe accused. "And all in all, are you still on good terms with all of them?" Edward smiled lopsidedly. "Fortunately no one has fought with me. I told you, I'm a really nice guy. If you've lived in England that long, you probably haven't heard of any bad news or scandals that have hit me, have you?" Chloe shrugged her shoulders. "You can pay the media to keep your mouth shut. What's the big deal? You're a tycoon. So it's easier to do anything." Chloe's argument on this one does sound ordinary. Because in this day and age, many wealthy people who have money use their power to silence many parties considered to be endangering their position. "Who knows..." Chloe continued. "... it turns out that out of the many women you've been in love with, one of them is pregnant and asks you to take responsibility. But because you have a lot of money and don't want to commit, that woman is either silenced or possibly eliminated." Edward grimaced. But on the other hand, he tries to understand that his wife always has a bad attitude toward him. It's hard to convince people who don't like us. "Actually, I don't know how else to prove to you that I'm a good man." Edward looked at Chloe without blinking. Respond to the woman's gaze without the slightest hesitation. "Instead of eliminating people, I just can't bear to hurt women. You don't have to go far, if I'm an asshole, why should I bother looking for you, even though we both know that you yourself gave up your virginity to me." So calmly, Edward continued to speak. He tried to break the bad prejudice that had always filled his wife's brain. "I could have taken advantage of the situation last night by fucking you who was unconscious. But again I stress, I'm not the bad guy you think." Silence stretched for a moment. Chloe stared at Edward's two brown eyes for a long time. Like looking for a loophole for lies there. "Sleep..." Edward ordered. The man was even ready to get up from his seat. "It's getting late. You should get some rest." Edward kissed Chloe's forehead briefly.
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