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Chapter 87 Edwardchloe - Pregnant

  • "What's the matter this time you suddenly called me?" Hans folded the sleeves of the black shirt he was wearing to his elbows when he arrived at Edward's room. I immediately took a relaxed sitting position on the guest sofa. Before the conversation continued, Ariana knocked on the door once. The next second, the woman came in with a tray of two cups of coffee. Serve politely and then leave. "Nic ..." Edward called firmly to the assistant who was still faithfully standing not far from him. "Please leave me first. I have something important to discuss with Hans." Nicholas nodded in understanding. "All right, Mister." The young man immediately walked away. Leaving Edward and Hans alone in the room." "So, what are we discussing this time?" asked Hans impatiently. "Even though I was just planning to meet you this weekend to report on Chloe's birth mother." Edward loosened the tie around his neck. He took off the coat attached to his body and put it anywhere. He looks like someone who is in a bad mood right now. "If I tell you, you might be shocked to hear that," Edward said quietly. Hans narrowed his eyes. Put on a curious expression. "Come on, tell me quickly. Or, do I have work to do?" "I want you to investigate something, Hans." "About what else this time?" Edward took a deep breath. He reached for his cell phone from his trouser pocket. He was seriously accessing the intelligent thing. do it until you finally say it quietly. "Check your cellphone now. I sent something." Hans nodded. He grabbed his cell phone and checked what Edward had sent him. "A photo?" The man frowned in surprise. "This isn't your wife's sister?" Edward nodded briefly. "Yes, it's Nathalie, sister. Chloe's birth. I want you to investigate the case of her death." Edward's words made Hans wonder. Why did his friend suddenly want to investigate the death of his brother-in-law? "Didn't this woman die in a car accident?" Edward shook his head repeatedly. Hans. Chloe's sister didn't die in an accident." "You mean? So, what has been breathed into the media so far is just camouflage? Is that so?" This time Edward nodded. He changed his position to lean on the sofa. He folded his arms in front of his chest, then answered. "Nathalie is indicated to have died after being critically ill due to violence that I don't know who did it." Hans was quite surprised by this fact. The man straightened up. He shifted his sitting position closer to Edward. "Okay, let's say Nathalie's death is a big mystery," the man said. "But what's your problem? Chloe asked you to investigate this case?" "No!" There was a grimace tucked into Edward's words. "So that you know, Chloe thought I was the man who caused her sister's death." "What?!" Hans looked shocked now. How can his friend be accused of someone's death? Let alone murder, never hurt a woman's heart. "What's the story? Did I miss some information?" Edward shook his head. "I only just found out a few hours ago, Hans," said the man. "Earlier, Chloe's assistant came to tell me all about this." "Wait a minute," Hans interrupted. "Why did Chloe's assistant suddenly come to you and tell you all this?" This time Edward took a deep breath. He was confused about where to start the story. His heart was in turmoil right now. But, once again, he had to force himself to get over this mess so that it didn't drag on. To be sure, his name can also be cleared of the baseless accusations that Chloe pinned on him. "I'll just try to tell you the outline." Hans nodded, allowing Edward to start telling the story. He thought this must be interesting because the man looked very upset. "A few years ago, Nathalie was found to be in critical condition in a hospital. Doctors diagnosed that the woman was subjected to fatal violence that caused her condition to worsen.
  • Even the baby she was carrying was also a victim." Hans continued to watch silently. Listening carefully to the information Edward was describing. "Unfortunately, because he couldn't stand it anymore, Nathalie breathed her last that night. But, before actually leaving, the woman advised Chloe to find a man who didn't know what he meant. To be sure, Chloe assumed that man was the cause of her sister's death." "Then who was that man?" Edward laughed wryly. He wanted to curse but tried to restrain himself. "Me." "Tsk ..." Hans immediately chuckled loudly. You're joking when I'm seriously listening to your story!" Hans protested furiously. "I'm not kidding. This is true. Chloe thinks I'm the man who caused her older sister to lose her life. I even just realized, maybe what my wife has been dreaming about every night is me." Hans's brow furrowed deeper. "What do you mean?" "Yeah, several times I caught Chloe babbling in her sleep wanting to kill someone. Even while drunk yesterday, he mentioned his fear of falling in love with a murderer. And I only realized now that it was me." "Jesus!" Hans cursed loudly without realizing it. Hearing Edward's story made him emotional too. "How can Chloe accuse you of doing all this?" Hans asked furiously. "Even though you really are. likes to change partners, but I know for sure you're not the type of guy who likes to be violent especially to a woman." Edward's eyes closed dramatically. His face was visibly tense. Never hurt a woman. But, out of nowhere, my business card and handkerchief were in Nathalie's bag. These two things led Chloe to conclude, I am the person behind her sister's death." "Oh my God," Hans cried out in panic. On the other hand, he felt sorry for what happened to Edward. "When Nathalie was in critical condition, who took her to the hospital? ? Why wasn't this matter investigated long ago and instead came to their conclusions?" Edward shrugged his shoulders at the same time. "I don't know, and according to Samuel, a man called the ambulance to say that Nathalie was dying in his apartment. But when the officers picked him up, the figure was not found there. Even the apartment's CCTV couldn't detect who the man was," Edward said. "And again, according to Samuel's story, Chloe was blinded by revenge. He was sure that I was the culprit. That's why, instead of investigating Nathalie's case, he investigated my background." There was a moment of silence before Hans responded. "You idiot!" Hans cursed again. This time it was even louder. "So, for this reason too, You called me?" "Moreover, I want you to find me. Where is Nathalie's diary?" Again Hans gasped at what he heard. "A diary?" he repeated confirming. "Yes..." Edward nodded briefly. "Samuel told me that Nathalie tended to write down everything that happened to her in a diary. So, he's guessing if there's any hint of a man who was close to Nathalie before she lost his life." "But, Ed..." Hans interrupted. "I'm inquisitive about why Chloe's assistant suddenly told you this matter. ? I'm getting worried if this is part of their game." Edward took a deep breath. Common people would think the same as Hans. But deep inside Edward's heart, he believed that his wife's assistant was telling the truth. believe in Samuel, Hans. The man assured that he didn't want Chloe to be misguided and into big trouble. There's even something else you need to know." Hans' brows furrowed together. "What else?" "This time it's about Roland Dimitri," Edward replied lazily. As if he didn't want to mention his cousin's name. That, Ed? He doesn't stop bothering you." Edward laughed for a moment. Hans knew very well that Roland and himself had been feuding for a long time. "Somehow, at first, for sure, Roland bravely invited my wife to work together to destroy me. Sounds interesting, doesn't it?" "You're crazy!" Hans shouted loudly. "I told you a long time ago, why don't you just put him in jail? I'm so glad that man is causing trouble with you." Edward just smiled faintly in response to Hans' annoyance. "Never mind, as for Roland's business, I'll be the one to intervene. To be sure, I want you to move quickly about the investigation into Nathalie's death and also the whereabouts of Chloe's birth mother.
  • I hope everything can be revealed and resolved soon." Hans nodded in understanding. The man got up, ready to leave Edward's room. But before leaving, he said one last time. "About the diary, I'll start looking tomorrow. Please send me the exact address." "Okay," Edward said. "I'm waiting for good news from you, Hans." As promised this morning, after work, Edward immediately picked up Chloe. He waited for a moment in the VIP parking area. The woman he had been waiting for finally came and got into the car. Without awkwardness and many words, Edward leaned forward. He confidently landed a kiss on Chloe's cheek and lips. "Did you have a nice day?" asked the man to open the conversation. Chloe's gaze was straight. Forward. While smoothing her hair, she nodded and replied. "Not really," he answered shortly. The woman's face was, as usual, a blank look. Because she was too lazy to talk, Chloe chose silence. He asked Edward to return to focus on the road in front of her. When they both got home and entered the room. Silence still engulfed both of them. Edward was not surprised, and the woman was acting colder like this. "What are you doing?" Edward asked. he was surprised when Chloe had just finished taking a shower. The woman looks so severe about choosing clothes in the walk-in closet. "Something happened to you? Work? Or ---" "I'm fine," Chloe said quickly. "Maybe just tired." Edward nodded in understanding. Maybe what she said was true. "Oh yes?" Then Edward approached the position where Chloe was standing. Pushing the woman's body against the wall of the room. "If you're tired, you can't satisfy me tonight?" Chloe raised an eyebrow. A little lazy, the woman responded. "Don't tease me," Chloe muttered. He just let Edward's hands continue to caress the exposed parts of his body. "I'm in no mood to play games," he continued. Edward laughed softly. "Honestly, I'm not teasing you at all. Didn't you say it yourself yesterday, from this second until the next three months, ready to serve me when I asked for it?" Unlucky! Chloe cursed herself. He must have been very drunk or lost consciousness when he said that. Why would it be so stupid to surrender to the man she hates. At the same time, Edward himself was still annoyed with today's events. When he thought about Chloe deliberately setting him up, he wanted to be angry. But he put his anger aside when he recalled what Samuel had said earlier that afternoon. "Whatever happens, I beg you. Don't hurt your wife. All this she did because she loved Mrs Nathalie so much." Edward nodded in understanding. "Never mind hurting. I don't even have the slightest desire to let her go. However, it looks like Chloe will be the one to leave me in the future." "There's one thing you might try to keep Mrs Chloe tied up and unable to leave you, Mister Edward." Edward frowned deeply. "What should I do?" "Pregnant Mrs Chloe as soon as possible." "Pregnant Chloe?" Edward repeated Samuel's orders. "Yes, when you were pregnant with your child. Of course, Mrs Chloe would think 1000 times about leaving the father of her future child. So that you know, Mrs Chloe did not want her children to have the same fate as her. Which caused her parents to be separated, which made her he and Nathalie lacked affection." Because of this, Edward made up his mind. He would never let Chloe betray him, let alone leave him. His goal now was clear, to make the woman bear his child at any cost. Meanwhile, Chloe, trying to ignore her husband's words, chose to leave. But what was there, Edward was sticking his body even more. "Where are you going? You dare refuse me?" Edward, without hesitation, kissed Chloe again. Keep teasing. Continue to be aggressive. Chloe herself did not repay what Edward did to her—trying to maintain sanity so as not to be provoked to retaliate. "Ed, I have to wear ---" Before he could finish answering, Edward again brought his hands down Chloe's exposed body.
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