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Chapter 74 EdwardChloe - By Your Side

  • Chloe repeatedly blinked as she woke from sleep. She was squinting one eye, trying to guess what numbers were listed on the digital clock on the nightstand. Then he looked to the side. But did not find Edward's figure was in his bed. Then, where is that man so early? For a moment, the blonde-haired woman squirmed in her sleeping position. She was stretching the body's muscles before finally choosing to sit and get ready to get off the bed. As he was about to get up, he heard the bathroom door open. A bare-chested figure of Edward so casually flashed in front of him. Like on purpose. As if taking revenge for what Chloe did last night. "You can take a shower now. After that, we have breakfast together and then go to my house." Chloe reached for the bathrobe that Edward handed her speechlessly. "Your house?" Edward nodded. "Yeah... we're married. So, it's only right that you live with me." "I thought you lived in an apartment. It's not that single men prefer to live there." Edward chuckled lightly. Seeing Chloe's face, which was so curious, became a pleasure. "I used to live in an apartment. But now that he's married, I decided to take you to my house." Chloe got up. Alas, the woman responded. "Okay, it's up to you." Then walked effortlessly to the bathroom. So after finishing breakfast, Edward immediately brought Chloe to his residence. He was carrying the woman to move to one of the housing in the middle of London. Chloe was directly led to enter a two-story minimalist design house getting out of the car. There were already maids who greeted the two of them. "Welcome, Mr and Mrs Cullen." Edward flashed a smile. He was always polite to everyone. Do not care about relatives, co-workers, friends or subordinates. "Is the master bedroom ready?" he asked as he walked in. Lucia, the housekeeper who looked the oldest among the workers, nodded. "Yes, Mister. We have prepared everything as ordered before." "Thanks for the help. Then my wife and I will go straight to our room."
  • Chloe continued to follow where Edward was walking. Finally, the two arrived at a room whose position was not far from the balcony. Entering the room, he was presented with a view of a room designed specifically for a man. Dominated by white and Mocca, many miniature weapons and characters from several animated cartoons are arranged so neatly on a glass-lined shelf. Chloe was a little impressed with Edward's collection on this one. In my heart, I did not think that the man was the same as men in general. Have a hobby of collecting toys like a child. "All your clothes are there." pointed Edward to the white cupboard in the walk-in closet. The man then stepped forward. Open one by one the cupboard doors that are there. "Number one is for formal wear. Number two is for everyday wear. Number three is for bags and shoes. And in the little drawer in the middle is a collection of watches. I'm not sure what your tastes are. But if you don't like my choice, you may replace it." Chloe nodded and then replied. "So we sleep together?" Edward laughed. The look on his face was like someone who was about to mock. "What kind of question is this, Chloe? Of course, sleeping in the same room. In case you forgot, we're husband and wife now. There's no such thing as sleeping separately," said the man. "And you think I agree with your decision to share a room?" Edward approached. He looked at his wife's face and smiled. "Agreed or not, this is my house. So you have to follow my rules," he said emphatically. There was an aura of intimidation tucked into his sentence. "Let's say… this counts for three months of trying to make you fall in love.
  • Who knows not only your heart that I will get." "You mean?" "Yes, it's possible that I will also have offspring from you in the near future. No one knows what will happen tonight, tomorrow, the day after tomorrow or the next day." Chloe gaped. She wanted to protest. But Edward didn't seem to give her a chance. The proof was that the man was talking again. "Don't worry," said the man. "I told you to last night. I won't touch you until you ask me yourself. So, there's no need to worry or be afraid." Chloe took several deep breaths. She was trying to calm herself down for a moment and have a child with you? Seriously! How could I bear the child of a murderer like you! Formed a sweet smile. And, yes... a bit of a mockery. The man then approached Chloe. He reached out his right hand. Gently touched her cheek. "Of course. I can't wait to see you begging and begging me to be touched." Chloe's eyes blinked. However, Edward's words made her chest heat up. But she tried to remain calm and then responded again. "Don't dream!" Edward laughed loudly. once saw the irritated expression on his wife. "Don't refuse me too hard. I'm afraid you'll even be crazy about me." Instantly Chloe wanted to throw up. It was good that the man wished she was crazy about him one day. How could it be possible to fall in love with a man who caused his brother to die? Just as he wanted to argue, Edward's cellphone rang. Rang. The man hastily picked it up. "What's the matter, Nick?" "I have sent all the market data recaps as requested. And one more thing, Mr Tanaka, the owner of Tanaka Japan Holding, would like to greet you via a teleconference call. He wants to congratulate you on your marriage, Mister." Edward responded to Nicholas' news. "Okay, I'll move to the study first. Thank you for the report you provided." Edward hung up the phone. The man's gaze returned to Chloe. "I have to go to my study. Please rest. If you need anything, call the maid downstairs using the intercom." Chloe chose to remain silent. She didn't say another word. After making sure Edward was out of sight, she decided to leave the room. Down the stairs meant to go around the house. As Cullen's new mistress, Chloe must know the layout of the house she will be living in in the future. Her feet continued to walk and then stopped in the lounge not far from the stairs. Sitting there, a maid immediately came over. "Mrs. need something?" the woman offered. He was judging from her age, probably the same age as Chloe. "I'm Leta. An assistant specially assigned to attend to all of your madam's needs." Chloe smiled kindly then replied. "For now, I don't need anything," she replied. "But... can I ask a question?" "Of course." Leta nodded. Full of confidence. How could he forbid the master to ask. "Does Edward spend a lot of time here?" Leta immediately shook her head rhythmically. "Mr Edward always came back here. But recently, he's been spending more time in his apartment. He visits this house now and then." "Ehm..." Chloe cleared her throat and nodded understandingly. "Earlier, did Edward often bring women back to this house?" Leta's brow furrowed deeply. ever brought her date home?" Chloe nodded. "Yeah, that's what I meant," Chloe replied. "No need to be awkward or cover-up. Just tell me everything. I just wanted to know what Edward was doing before marrying me." "Back then..." Leta began. "As I recall, Mr Edward often brought his date home. I even know who the women are." "Did they stay overnight?" Leta shook her head. "Mr Edward liked to bring women home. He was even changing partners.
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