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Chapter 99: How’s That Possible?

  • Brianna found it too much to take in. Questions started to bombard her mind again. Am I becoming someone to Scott, as Jameson said? He has really never allowed Sol to sleep in his room? How's that possible? I've only been with him for three months, and I already know how sexual he is! Or perhaps it's because he really loves her and respects her while he only sees me as a sex toy. Brianna heaved a sigh.
  • Jameson watched her quietly. "Your ankle must hurt. Do you need a hand?" He asked gently as he took her arm.
  • "No, thanks." Brianna swept his hand off her arm. "Have a good day." She walked slowly to the front desk and sat down.
  • The front desk girls all knew why Scott married Brianna, and it wasn't for love, but they had also noticed the small changes in the past weeks like she had been coming to work with Scott and she worked in Scott's office. Also, they spotted the kiss marks, which implied how passionate they were in bed. Surely, Mr. Scott Anderson cares for her. They thought.
  • Seeing that she had hurt her ankle, they fetched the first aid kit quickly and offered her some ointment courteously. Brianna thanked them politely.
  • She took her heels off and was about to rub some ointment on her ankle when Jameson suddenly grabbed it off her hand.
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