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Chapter 42: Sleep With You?

  • “Then, go and work. And leave me alone.” Scott said sternly.
  • “Alright.” Jacob pouted his lips and left Scott’s office reluctantly. Jacob was bright and clever. He did his work well and efficiently, and usually with fun. He was rarely a serious person.
  • It might seem to people that he never cared about his work but spent too much time having fun. The fact was that the departments that he was in charge of were all running well, and there had never been any problems since Jacob took over. That was the reason why he was assigned such an important position at an early age, and no one would ever judge or complain.
  • Whatever he wanted to do, he did it well and fast.
  • After leaving Scott’s office and feeling bored, Jacob wandered about and got to the floor where Jodie’s office was.
  • He happened to spot Jodie going into the lift carrying some documents. Jacob hurried and followed her in. He stood next to her and looked her up and down before he commented, “Hey, Jodie, aren’t you a bit too boyish? Your style isn’t Scott’s cup of tea at all, I have to say.”
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