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Chapter 120: Why Do I Feel Empty?

  • “Shut up! You are irritating me.” Scott snapped. He had never thought that the return of Sol would affect Brianna so much. He thought that when Sol came back, everything would be perfect. The fact was that it was now a complete mess. If I have to choose between them, then I can only... He waved his hand and said impatiently, “You can get out of my room now.”
  • Just as I have expected, Brianna thought. She got up and stumbled back to her room.
  • For half a month, Brianna had shared the same bed with Scott. As soon as Brianna left, Scott had this feeling of sudden emptiness. He did not like it. Sol is back. I should feel happy and content instead. Why? Why do I feel empty? Why do I long for Brianna when Sol has been with me?
  • Sol was now standing by the French window, looking out at the moonlit garden. She felt content and confident. She felt Scott would soon marry her and they will have a happy family.
  • Scott was now one of the most successful men in the world. He was no longer under the control of his grandfather, and if he wanted to be with her, then no one could interfere. She could feel that he still cared about her as much as before. The only change was that he had married Brianna.
  • But it’s ok because he married that girl merely because she looks like me. It shouldn’t be hard to kick her out.
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