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Chapter 53: So Childish

  • Scott gave it a thought and let go of her chin. "Alright. It's up to you. You can decide what to wear and what car you want to drive, but on formal occasions, you have to wear what I bought you. I will give you another card for shopping. With the old card, you can save money for your studio."
  • Brianna looked at Scott gratefully and said sincerely, "Thanks so much, Scott."
  • During the lunch break, Brianna went to Scott's office as requested to give him a massage as usual, but Scott simply said, "Let's go."
  • "Huh? Where to?" Brianna looked at him, confused.
  • "Didn't you say you want to choose your own clothing? I will go with you once just to make sure you aren't buying anything too ridiculous."
  • "Ah. I see." Brianna was very surprised. It was very unusual that Scott would have time to go shopping with Brianna when he was always so busy with work. She felt somehow touched as well as shocked.
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