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Chapter 118: Do You Love Her?

  • He seemed to suddenly sober up, and gently he released Sol from his embrace and said softly, “You must be tired from the auction.”
  • Sol was disappointed, but she did not show her feelings. With a smile, she nodded, “A little bit. It felt so long, the auction.”
  • Scott picked her up, carried her in his arms, and went to the car. He could see Brianna in the distance, running away. Before he got into the car, Scott said to Jeff, “Follow her.”
  • Jeff was rather confused as everyone could tell that the girl in Scott’s arms was the one that he truly cared about, not the one he married. Jeff wasn’t sure what he should do. Though he was hired as Brianna’s bodyguard, he worked for Scott after all.
  • Now that his boss had made it clear, Jeff answered, “Yes, Mr. Anderson.”
  • Sophia Moore was totally ignored and forgotten. She stood there and watched quietly. She hated Brianna as she thought she could have been with Scott if it wasn’t for her, but now that Sol had returned, she felt utterly hopeless.
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