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Chapter 107: I Only Want You

  • (Warning: This chapter contains a sexual scene. If you're not comfortable to read it kindly skip it and move to another chapter)
  • Scott went over to Brianna immediately. He took off his jacket, wrapped it around her, and carried her in his arms. “Brianna, you were so brave. Don’t cry. It’s all good now.”
  • Brianna felt Scott picking her up, and she opened her eyes for a bit. She couldn’t believe how she managed to do what she did, rushing out of the cage, giving Tony Wilson a hard strike. She felt so weak now.
  • Scott carried her to the car.
  • The drugs were making her unbearably horny, despite the wounds all over her, she twisted and turned and moaned desperately. Scott was trying hard not to respond to her.
  • “With those that are still alive, break their legs and arms and send them all to the police.” He said to the chief bodyguard.
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