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Chapter 86: You Rarely Call Me Honey

  • After staying in the ICU for a day, Jacob was transferred to the VIP room. However, Brianna was still unconscious and had to be kept in the ICU. She had lost too much blood, and as she had the rarest Rh-negative blood type, the hospital had difficulty finding the right blood for her.
  • Fortunately, just as the blood was still being delivered on-air and Brianna needed the blood desperately, someone brought two bags of Rh-negative blood.
  • The doctors scrutinized it and found that it was exactly the right one for Brianna and it was clean and safe. The doctors asked Scott for his permission for the transfusion, and Scott agreed, meanwhile, he asked Levi to find out who it was the brought the blood and where it came from.
  • Despite the time and effort they invested, they could find nothing but that it was a teenage boy that gave the blood to the doctor and refused to offer any information.
  • The boy was just a normal high school student, and both his parents had a normal job. None of his family knew anything about the boy taking the blood to the hospital, and even the boy himself had no memory of it at all. It was obvious that they had deleted his memory right after he finished his task.
  • Who is it? Why do they make it so mysterious? Scott wondered.
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