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Chapter 108: Are You Sure?

  • It was past midnight when Brianna finally sobered up from the drugs. Scott asked a female doctor to come and check on Brianna. The doctor cleaned up all the tiny pieces of rusty metal on her wounds, stitched the deep cuts, and bandaged the minor ones.
  • When Brianna woke up from a long and deep sleep, she opened her eyes a bit and quickly closed them, finding it hard to adjust to the bright light. It must be midday now. She thought. She tried to stretch her body, but the sharp and sudden pain all over her body shocked her. She then opened her eyes wide open and saw that she was sleeping in Scott's arms. He was cuddling her tight, fast asleep.
  • It took a while to sink in as she slowly recalled what had happened yesterday, from being kidnapped and Scott coming to rescue her to the wild and crazy experience in bed last night.
  • Gently, she put her arm around him and kissed his lips softly. Startled, Scott awoke, cuddled her tighter, and looked at her with a content smile.
  • Brianna blushed and looked away. He felt her forehead gently. "You still have a fever. The medicine didn't seem to help. You will probably need an injection."
  • "Injection?" Brianna shook her head. She was scared of needles ever since she was little.
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