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Chapter 34: Are You Thinking Of Seducing My Friend Now?

  • The more she thought about it, the more enraged she felt. "Scott, are you keeping her with you merely for the reason that she looks like your ex?"
  • Scott was very protective of Sol, and Sophia never had the chance of meeting her. She didn't even know Sol's name. She actually planned to get rid of Sol when she found out that Scott was in love with her, but she hardly knew anything about her, and she couldn't hurt her.
  • "It's none of your business," Scott replied coldly.
  • "I mean, if this is the face you like, I can even have plastic surgery and make myself look like her. Please just divorce her. She's ..."
  • "Sophia Moore, however you change yourself, I won't be interested in you at all," Scott said sternly.
  • "Why?!"
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