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Chapter 7 Are You Scared?

  • Scott knitted his brows, and he felt sudden anger possessing his mind. "Brianna Warren, send me your location right now!" he said angrily.
  • Shocked and frightened, Brianna did as Scott ordered.
  • "I will be there in ten minutes! Don't allow anyone to bully you!"
  • "Huh?" Brianna was now confused.
  • "Stand up for yourself! Don't make me look down on you," Scott almost shouted. As soon as he hung up, he set off with his assistant and bodyguards.
  • As he promised, Scott arrived within ten minutes. Everyone gazed at him even before he walked into the café, including the customers, staff, and Zara herself. They were amazed by his air of authority as well as his incredibly good look.
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