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Chapter 125: Are You Tempted By Him?

  • Both Scott and Chris' bodyguards stood aside and watched cautiously. There was only limited space in the room, and even if the bodyguards wanted to help, they couldn't squeeze in.
  • There were a few times when Brianna felt fists flying right next to her cheek, and her heart was racing fast, frightened. Brianna had learned how good Scott was, and she was very impressed, but little did she expect Chris, who seemed so calm and elegant, to be another Kong Fu master. Hugging Brianna with one arm, Scott wasn't as swift as Chris, and suddenly, Chris threw a fierce punch towards Scott. Brianna screamed and held up her palms, intending to block Chris's punch.
  • Both Scott and Chris were shocked, and at the very same time, Chris retreated his fist while Scott covered Brianna's hands with his.
  • That brought an end to the fight.
  • "Didn't you want to leave me? Why did you try to take the punch for me then?" Scott chuckled and teased.
  • "I, I didn't mean just happened," Brianna explained feebly.
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