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Chapter 84: Why Don't You Marry Her Then?

  • "She's an orphan. I'm her only family. I have spoiled her, and she's very dependent on me. Normally, she feels jealous."
  • "Why don't you marry her then? You care about her, and she definitely wants you. Isn't that perfect?!"
  • Scott turned her around and rested her head on his thigh, then he lifted her chin up and watched her tearful eyes and rosy red nose. He chuckled. "Are you jealous?"
  • "Jealous? Huh. I just feel sorry for myself. She got what she asked for, and you are here telling me off. You know what, I bet even if she kills me one day, you won't even care." Brianna said with her eyes closed, refusing to look at him. Tears ran down her cheeks, and they seemed nonstop.
  • Scott heaved a sigh and wiped the tears off her cheeks gently. "Alright, l forgive you for beating Lucia, but you have to apologize to her and promise that you won't hurt her again."
  • Now, Brianna was enraged, she opened her eyes and glared at Scott. "Why?! She started it! Look at the scratches on me! And she even pulled my hair off. The last time she pushed me off the stairs, and I could have died! I was simply defending myself."
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