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Chapter 105: Stay Calm

  • Stay calm, Brianna. Take a deep breath and stay calm. Brianna told herself. She took a deep breath, then as calmly as she could, she shouted, "Hello? Is there anyone here?"
  • Nothing.
  • "Is there anyone here?" She tried a few more times before someone kicked the rusted metal door open. A nasty-looking middle-aged man stood by the door. "What are you shouting about? Stay quiet, or I will give you a good beating."
  • Brianna could tell that he was just someone hired to do the job. "Who are you working for? What do you want from me?" Brianna asked.
  • "Aha. Impressive. I've not seen any girls as calm as you in this situation. You are either very brave or completely ignorant." The man laughed.
  • He came closer and looked Brianna up and down. Her skirt had been sliced and cut, revealing her long slim legs, and her top torn, showing the fair skin of her neck and shoulders. She saw the filthy look in the man's eyes, and it made her twitch. She wanted to hide away from him, but she could hardly move at all.
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