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Chapter 104: Who Hit Me On My Head?

  • "Here it is. Bon appetit!" Brianna put the tray down on the table and said with a smile.
  • Scott sat down by the dining table, had a look, and seemed pleased. "Come here." He beckoned her over.
  • "Yes?"
  • He tapped on his lips with his long slim finger. Brianna understood and gave him a kiss. "Alright, enjoy lunch, and I will see you later."
  • Scott watched her leave and soon lost his appetite. He then realized that he had grown used to having her around. But I used to eat alone even when I was with Sol. He was shocked by his own thoughts. Why?
  • He quickly grabbed the sandwich and took a bite as if to test against his thought. After another bite, he put it back on the plate, finding it tasteless without her around. He thought about her sitting opposite him and how she would pretend to be eating quietly, but now and then, she would take a look at him to see how he felt.
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