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Chapter 66: I Hate Someone Who Betrayed Me

  • "I stayed at the man's place for three days and only just woke up a couple of hours ago. I came back as soon as I woke up." Brianna replied honestly.
  • "Where does he live?"
  • "I don't know," Brianna said plainly.
  • "Ha. You don't know?! You lived there for three days, and you don't know where he lives? Don't you know how to tell a better lie? Scott went to the bar to look for you, but you left with that mysterious man. And you were gone for three days without any news. Don't you remember that you are Scott's wife? Or you simply don't care and sleep with any man you want?"
  • Brianna glared at Sophia and retorted immediately, "Sophia, don't you speak nonsense. Nothing happened between him and me. He helped me, and that was it."
  • "Then, why won't you tell us where he lives? You are worried that Scott will go look for him and find out what has happened between you two, aren't you?"
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