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Chapter 100: Take It Back

  • "The delivery guy said it's for you. There's a card in it." The secretary said.
  • Brianna opened the card and saw the beautiful handwriting of Chris. It said nothing but his signature.
  • Green roses meant pure and forever loved, and to send a girl green roses implied that she was the queen of beauty in his heart and that their love would last forever. I can't accept this. Brianna thought. How would people think?!
  • "Please take it back. Ask the guy to deliver it back to him and told him not to send me flowers again." Brianna said.
  • The worries and rejection Brianna expressed were too obvious not to notice. The secretary had lost her guts to ask who it was that sent the flowers, and she refused indirectly, "Mrs. Brianna Anderson, but the flowers are delivered to you, so it's yours now. Have a good day." She retreated hurriedly and closed the door.
  • Brianna heaved a sigh helplessly, and after the secretary left, she opened the door and had a look outside. Everyone was busy working, and no one was watching her, so she grabbed the flowers and hurried to the bathroom.
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