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Chapter 123: Does He Miss Her?

  • Scott bent down immediately to check. "You ok? Did you hurt your ankle?"
  • Sol nodded. "I'm afraid so." Then she had a glance at the secretaries' office and saw that Brianna could see them clearly. "Oh. Silly me. I shouldn't have worn heels." She said regretfully.
  • Scott put one arm around Sol's back and the other under her knees and lifted her up, so Sol wrapped her arms around his neck. "Scott, I think I can manage. I'm worried that your staff will think it inappropriate to see you carrying me like this."
  • "Inappropriate?" Scott knitted his brows and marched towards the lift. "Whoever thinks it inappropriate should get fired." He said it aloud.
  • As soon as the secretaries see them get into the lift, everyone exclaimed, and soon gossips followed. Everyone saw and heard clearly how much Scott cared about Sol, including Brianna, especially when Sol smiled at her victoriously over Scott's shoulder.
  • She didn't need to do that. Everyone knows she's the one that Scott loves anyway. Brianna thought.
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