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Chapter 54: A Generous Offer

  • On hearing so, Brianna couldn't help feeling unjust. She and Liam had known each other since childhood, but ever since Brianna's father died, he never bought her any presents anymore except something cheap on her birthdays. Yet, he's been so generous with those girls he's slept with! Subconsciously, Brianna clenched her fists, and she resented them.
  • However, Scott appeared as if he had not seen them at all. He walked past them, holding Brianna's hand, without taking a look at them. Brianna followed quietly.
  • Seeing the bodyguards carrying all those expensive bags of luxury behind Brianna, Zara couldn't help feeling jealous. "Brianna."
  • "Alright, Zara." Brianna turned around and looked at her with a sneer. "Every time I see you, I can't help recalling our encounter in your café."
  • Zara glared at Brianna, but seeing Scott holding Brianna's hand, she retorted with a mocking smile, "Ha. I wonder how long you can last. I thought Mr. Scott Anderson got tired of you."
  • Brianna smiled proudly and said, "Well, I'm a lucky woman."
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