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Chapter 93: Why Did You Cry?

  • When he finally released her from his eager kisses, he carried her down the stairs into the car. Levi quickly followed, holding an umbrella for them.
  • Scott sat Brianna down on his lap in the car, but Brianna fixed her eyes upon the window, looking at the fierce storm silently. When they arrived at the hospital, Scott carried her to the room and put her down on the bed. “Your wound is open again. It’s bleeding. Did you do it on purpose? Huh? Can’t you just take better care of yourself?”
  • “I, I was running to...” Brianna pouted her lips and looked at him with tearful eyes. “I was in a hurry to watch a good show, wasn’t I? Sadly, it was very disappointing.” She said sarcastically.
  • Scott frowned and looked at her angrily, but seeing her tearful eyes and rosy cheeks, he couldn’t get mad at her. Instead, he shouted at the bodyguards at the door. “Get the nurse here right now!”
  • “Yes.” The chief bodyguard hurried off.
  • Within minutes, two nurses and a doctor rushed in. “Mr. Scott Anderson, what can we do for you?” The doctor asked anxiously. “Oh, it looks like you need re-bandaging.” The doctor then saw the blood on Scott’s shirt.
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