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Chapter 74: You Wish

  • Scott seemed a bit startled, then he wrapped his arms around her gently. Brianna relaxed in his embrace. She felt safe, with her head resting on his chest, and she loved the pleasant scent he had.
  • To her own surprise, she asked, "Scott, do you think you will ever fall in love with me?"
  • Scott lifted Brianna's chin up with his long slim fingers, looked at her into her eyes, and chuckled. "You wish. Ha-ha."
  • Brianna felt a sharp and sudden pain in her heart, but she recomposed herself quickly and chuckled with him. "I was just joking."
  • "Don't forget that I purchased you. You are just a replacement. Don't start any ridiculous fantasy."
  • Brianna nodded. She bit her lips slightly and said, "I won't forget. Don't worry. I won't fall in love with you, nor would I have any unrealistic thoughts about us."
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