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Chapter 26: A Good Friend

  • His breathing, as well as his words, made Brianna blush. She felt a sense of pleasure and embarrassment. Levi and the bodyguards must have heard! She thought.
  • Brianna buried her face on his chest, too embarrassed to look at others. In fact, no one was looking at them at all. They were either looking up at the ceiling or down at the floor.
  • They knew well enough when not to interfere. Scott grabbed Brianna's chin and lifted her face up, "I still remember clearly what happened this morning. You are the very first person who has the guts to confront me and speak to me like that."
  • To her own surprise, Brianna replied, "What about those that went behind your back?" She regretted it as soon as she said it.
  • Scott's face turned stern, then he sneered, "Ha-ha. Dead." He said briefly. It sent a shiver down Brianna's spine.
  • "Thanks for sparing me," Brianna said timidly. The door opened, and she scurried away. "Have a nice day." She hurried back to her seat, where she felt the safest.
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