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Chapter 19 You Will Regret It

  • "Mr. Jameson Anderson, please forgive me and understand that I can't help you." Brianna shook her head immediately. Then she added, "However, I promise to stay neutral. Whatever you and your brother fight over, I can't support you, but I won't support him and go against you either. But, of course, I do hope you two can find a solution in peace. You are brothers, after all." 
  • "Don't waste my time and speak nonsense. Listen, I will pay you one million every time you help me, but if you refuse, then I will make sure you regret it." Jameson snapped.
  • "Mr. Jameson Anderson, I honestly don't have the capability in obtaining any confidential information from your brother, and I don't want to have anything to do with whatever conflicts between you two. Please, please understand." 
  • "You will regret it."
  • "I merely want to stay away from it."
  • "You are his legal wife! You are already involved." Jameson sneered and waved his eyes, implying that Brianna should leave now.
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