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Chapter 60: Sounds So Complicated

  • Photos of Liam Williams with various women during the time he was dating Brianna were exposed and the fact that he had used Brianna, then forsaken her and her sick mother to be with Zara Berry, a more ‘valuable' girlfriend and alliance, was also revealed.
  • Brianna then realized that that was what the phone calls Scott made in the car were about. He had sorted it perfectly.
  • ***
  • He must have spent a lot of time and effort on it. Just to have those club managers verify and to make those dirty old men who had been bribed to clarify apologize to me, I wonder how much Scott has done! And he has not mentioned anything! He sorted everything out, but he didn't even think of telling me until I asked him. Brianna thought, and tears of gratitude filled her eyes.
  • She couldn't help wondering again how different Liam and Scott were. In the past years, Liam had sweet-talked her and made her do everything for him, but he had not done anything for Brianna. Scott was the opposite of Liam. He was economical with words but sorted everything out for her.
  • However, the feeling of gratitude and love didn't last long and was soon replaced by self-mockery. Does he really care about me, and he would not even admit it? Or is he just doing what he thinks he's supposed to do, to protect his legal wife, but has no feelings for me, and more importantly, to protect the company? I mean, it surely concerns the interests of The Anderson Corporation, Streep Crystal, and Rare Gem. That's probably why. Right. Brianna thought and heaved a sigh.
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