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Chapter 96: Love Is Luxury That I Can’t Afford

  • (Warning: This chapter contains a sexual scene. If you're not comfortable to read it kindly skip it and move to another chapter)
  • If it's all just a game anyway, I might as well play hard and get the most of it. I know one day when his lover will return, that would be the last day I'm staying by his side. She sneered at herself and kissed him passionately. Why not? He's great in bed. Even though he is so demanding and often made me sad, he never fails most of his promises, and Mom is getting better. He gives me money and helps me with my career! Ha-ha. Who am I to talk about love, to talk about dignity? Don't be so pathetic! Love is a luxury that I can't afford.
  • Her sudden change and passion startled Scott, and soon, he returned with more passionate kisses.
  • Her unusual reaction of intensity and strong desire surprised him, and later, he noticed the tears running down her cheeks, and the pillow was wet. He acknowledged it, but he didn't do anything about it.
  • He didn't need to know how she truly felt, whether she really wanted it or not. She was there to please him, to do whatever he wanted. He thought he was clear of her role in his life. There and then, he would just enjoy all the rare passion she offered. It became like a competition, both kissing and stroking each other fervently, lustfully.
  • He requested her to shout out his name, to tell him she loved him and how much she enjoyed having sex with him. She obeyed. She did whatever he asked of her, and she allowed him to do whatever he wanted with her. Pleasure and pain were sending her up to heaven and throwing her down to hell. She moaned and screamed, scratched, and twitched; she cried for more and wanted him to stop; she laughed and wept.
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