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Chapter 89: I’m Just A Replacement

  • “Pretend?” Scott asked.
  • “Right. Don’t worry. I know what’s real and what’s not, and I know not to fall in love. It’s all just a show as it’s intended to be from the very beginning, right?” Brianna said casually. “I know when she comes back, I will be gone.”
  • Scott knitted his brows harder and questioned, “Do you think about leaving all the time?”
  • “Well. Do you expect me to share my husband with other women? You won’t love me anyway. I’m just a replacement.”
  • Scott wanted to say something, but he hesitated a bit and went quiet. He knew that it was true that if Sol did come back, he would surely ask Brianna to leave. His silence confirmed what Brianna said, and she smiled a helpless smile.
  • Scott picked up the peach with a grumpy face and threw it into the bin. “Carve a different one. Something nice.” He said and changed the subject.
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