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Chapter 87: Can’t I Cuddle My Own Wife?

  • Brianna rolled her eyes, feeling speechless. He was kissing me with affection just then, and now he’s threatening me. I shouldn’t expect him to change. Brianna thought.
  • Reluctantly, she muttered, “Honey.”
  • Scott somehow felt startled, and it took him a few seconds to acknowledge it. “Again.” He said. He liked it.
  • “Why?” Brianna pouted her lips.
  • Scott chuckled at her reaction and pinched her lips gently. “Alright. You don’t have to now. But from now on, whenever you call my name, you have to say it with affection.” He wrapped his arm around her slim waist gently and buried his head on her neck, sniffing the pleasant scent of her, and just like that, he lay there still for a while.
  • Brianna found his behavior rather peculiar. She tapped his arm and said, “Hey, you should get up.”
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