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Chapter 83: Don’t Even Think About It

  • At ten to nine, Brianna opened Scott's door. As soon as she stepped in, she smelled a new scent that was very floral and rather intense. It wasn't Scott's for sure. She walked in to see Lucia in an almost see-through nightgown lying on Scott's bed in a most flirtatious pose, revealing her long slim legs and bare shoulders.
  • Their eyes met, and Lucia looked Brianna up and down with disdain. "Look how seductive you look! I knew you are just a slut pretending to be presentable in public." She commented.
  • Brianna rolled her eyes and ignored her. She went and sat down on the sofa, took out her phone to have a look at some classic jewel designs online.
  • Enraged by Brianna's indifference, Lucia got out of bed, went over to Brianna, snatched her phone from her hand, and threw it onto the floor. She looked down at Brianna with her chin up and arms crossed. "Bitch, get out of Scott's room! How disgustingly slutty you look in that dress!"
  • Brianna sneered and said indifferently, "I'm his wife, and I shall fulfill my duty as a wife. I have every reason to be ‘slutty' for my husband. However, look at yourself, Miss Lucia Hayes, you're Scott's so-called little sister, but you dress like you work in the Red Light District and lie on my husband's bed. You are the disgusting slut."
  • "Bit...Bitch!" Lucia stuttered angrily. "You are just a sex toy Scott purchased!" She yelled and jumped at Brianna, tearing her dress and pulling her hair. "I bet you slept with numerous men! Even an asshole like Liam Williams despises you!"
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