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Chapter 71: He’s Ridiculous

  • Suddenly, Scott stood before her, grabbed her hand tight, pulled her up, and dragged her to the massage room. Brianna tried to free herself, but Scott tightened his grip, and angrily, he lifted her up and carried her on his shoulder. Ignoring Lucia, who was stunned by Scott's abrupt wild reaction.
  • It took Lucia a while to realize what was happening. She hurried after them, calling Scott. Just as she was about to follow them into the room, Scott kicked the door shut, and Lucia was left outside in the office.
  • Scott threw Brianna onto the bed. His anger and jealousy filled his mind and would spare Brianna right at this moment.
  • Terrified, Brianna curled up in the corner of the bed. Scott went close to her and grabbed her chin tight, his brows knitted, and his eyes are speaking with anger. Brianna trembled with fear.
  • He pulled her face closer, almost touching his, staring at her furiously. Then he said with a sneer. "Now that you have found a new "employer" you have the guts to be insolent to Lucia."
  • She tried to turn her head on the other side while answering Scott, "That's not true."
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