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Chapter 38: She’s Still Too Young

  • This was the first time that Brianna had time for herself in a week, and she was thinking of going to see her mother, however, she didn’t want to worry her mother nor give her the cold. She hesitated for a bit and decided to go back to Home for Sol.
  • As soon as she got home, she went straight into her room and went to bed. When the maid came to ask her to have dinner at half-past seven, she muttered that she wasn’t hungry and skipped dinner.
  • Meanwhile, Jodie was now in Sean’s car. She was actually thrown into his car by Sean.
  • “Uncle Sean, how come you have so much time to 'care for’ me? You must have a lot of work to do running such a big company.” Jodie asked, pouting her lips.
  • “Aren’t you going to the pubs with that group of so-called friends again?”
  • “They are good friends.” Jodie defended.
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