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Chapter 32: She’s A Clever One

  • Brianna recalled what Jodie had suggested to her. I should show her I'm not just a meek little lamb, or I will just get bullied. I have to put up with Scott and his grandparents just because Scott is paying for mum's treatment, but I don't have to put up with her!
  • "Don't you threaten me with my mother!" Brianna suddenly picked up a knife on the table and pointed it at Sophia. "If you ever hurt my mother, as long as I live, I will slice your face and take revenge!"
  • Frightened, Sophia staggered and stared at Brianna open-mouthed. She was born with a silver spoon in her mouth and had been brought up spoiled by her brother and father. No one ever dared to say no to her. Brianna was the first person that ever challenged her.
  • Just as she was to shout back at Brianna, she noticed Scott had just arrived, standing at the door. Immediately, she changed her attitude again and spoke gently, "It takes patience and love to cook, especially for someone we love. It's ok that you don't know how to cook. I can show you, but please don't wave the knife about, it's scary."
  • What?! She's such a chameleon! Brianna thought and turned around to see Scott watching quietly. Their eyes met, yet Scott appeared as distant as usual. He was walking towards her. Brianna put the knife back on the table.
  • Like a frightened little puppy, Sophia hurried to Scott and hugged him. "Oh, Scott. She's a crazy one. Did you see her with the knife just then?"
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