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Chapter 7

  • Ron had come up behind her putting his hands around cupping her breasts as he rubbed his cock around her butt, then Nicole pulled back and said, "This is nice, want to do a little more, Becca, just us two naughty girls?"
  • Becca now knew was ready. She'd often wondered what sex with a female might be like and now she knew its growing excitement as Nicole led her to their bedroom and got on the bed, stretching out, her hands sliding down between her thighs to open herself to her fledgling new lover.
  • "Come kiss me, Becca, is mine the first you've tasted?" she asked as Becca got down on the bed between her legs and brought her face close enough to feel her warmth and smell her womanly aroma, rather turned-on by it. She put her tongue out and began licking up over her plump, juicy labia, lapping her over and over as she felt the bed move and now felt Ron's cock head rubbing up and down in her own juicy slit. Becca's heart was thudding as her growing arousal was throbbing all through her body.
  • "Mmm, so nice, oh, Becca, it's fun, isn't it, you've just doubled the number of people you can have sex with, mmm, and you are so good, make me cum, honey. Would you mind if Rob put his cock in? He looks lonely back there behind you, I assume you're protected, yes," and Becca grunted 'uuuh-huuhh," to both so she felt his cock stop moving and then the pressure as he pushed making it slowly move past her lips up into her while she tried to concentrate on her first oral sex with a woman, tasting a woman's flavor for the first time, now knowing this would not be the last. And she even began wondering about her boyfriend, Justin's sister, Julie. But that somehow seemed too soon to think that way and she concentrated on the woman she was licking, reaching to spread her open to tongue more of her.
  • The Resort: Cabin Seven: The Pittman Family
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