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Chapter 2

  • Julie would tell us that her boyfriend's cock is right at nine and a half inches and that's after she's really sucked him hard. His cock is also straight as an arrow and thick, oh, he fits Julie so tightly. Yes, she loves it but when they're both really horny his cock tugs her back and forth and she can be a little sore afterwards. She would never complain but she does try to remember to use some lube when they're really hungry for each other.
  • Julie had noticed her mother any number of times checking her boyfriend out when he's become really aroused and she and her mother are also very close and basically tell each other everything and she's asked how a big cock like his feels and Julie knew her mother would love to try him if she could figure out a way and even thought that, sooner or later, it just might happen, something she wasn't particularly against. After all, she loved her mom and she loved James. And it might be a nice way to reward the two of them.
  • This adventure, for that was what it was, a very sexual adult adventure, all started one weekend, the Pittman's have a pool, one like you can imagine a family of nudists having with a lot of privacy and after a nice afternoon swimming and sunning, they grilled hamburgers and it was then that the parents asked if they were ready to try an all-adult nudist resort.
  • Julie asked them right off how that might be different from the resorts they'd gone to in the past. Becca and James were there as well, the parents really considered them family, and it was their mom who began.
  • "Oh, first, there are no children, everyone has to be eighteen and above. But it's all nude like we're used to but the main difference is in the attitude of the people who go, it's more of a swinger's resort. You may have suspected that, in the past, when we went to resorts, that some people there might have paired-off, hooked-up with other people, couples, like swapped with one another. But they knew with children around, they needed to keep things private and very discreet."
  • Justin, who is a little bolder than his sister, piped up with, "Yeah, I've kind of wondered, um, even about my own mom and dad, sometimes?" he chuckled as everyone grinned rather tellingly, shifting around a bit uncomfortably.
  • "Well, we're not telling, Justin, but if we decide to go to this place, don't be surprised. You guys might want to do a little exploring around yourselves, it's that kind of place. So, any interest in coming with us? We're all of age and it seems sex wouldn't be anything new to any of you?" their dad chuckled, knowing that the sounds he hears at night aren't pillow-fights.
  • That was pretty much how it all began with them going to the all-adult nudist resort. They all looked at the resort's website and no one really hesitated, even Becca and James thought it would be cool, especially all the opportunities to hook-up with other people. Yes, they are a pretty sexy bunch and it seemed they wanted to perhaps expand on that some. Maybe even a lot.
  • So, everyone agreed it would be an unforgettable weekend, but Jan, being mom, kept a cool head.
  • "Okay, we've been nude our whole lives, that part is easy. We're thinking of renting a three bedroom unit. There are doors on the bedrooms and a large communal area with sofas, beanbag chairs and such. We can keep it in the bedrooms or let everyone see. Dad and I will leave the decision up to you four."
  • They all looked at each other and nodded in agreement that they would try being more open about their sex. It was Julie, the youngest, who summed it up for the four of them.
  • "I guess we could just wait and see what we're feeling like, we're used to doing things privately but it's kind of sexy to think we might be seen together like that?"
  • Julie and Justin had already been watching each other with their partners, this was nothing new, well, except that they'd never mentioned it to their parents and, rather amazingly, never were found out. It began when Justin thought he was home alone and was masturbating furiously when his sister showed up in his doorway. He jumped, of course, and yanked the sheet up, but she said to him, "Justin, you idiot, I see you naked every frigging day," and she just came in his room, pulled the sheet to the floor and told him that if she could watch then she'd let him watch her. That started it. They masturbated together nearly every day ever since. So being sexual in front of each other was nothing new for the Pittman siblings, they'd watched each other have hundreds of orgasms and Julie often wondered about the total volume of semen that she'd seen spurting up from her brother's virile cock .
  • And when Justin began having sex with Becca, Julie asked one day if she could watch them. Becca thought it was funny, she's also from a nudist family and she and her sister often masturbated watching each other. She was very careful to explain that she didn't think this was sex, sex, she thought, was what you had with another person. So, Becca and Justin began having sex while Julie got herself off in a chair while watching them. That went on until she was eighteen, when, she began having sex with James in front of her brother and his girlfriend so it really wasn't anything new. Except for Mom and Dad.
  • As we see, the younger ones had been watching each other even before this adult nudist weekend was ever brought up. So, if you think they might be pretty sophisticated about sex, well, that would be entirely correct. And these days, they all watched a lot of porn, they're parents had never activated any porn blocking on either of their laptops so there's not much they don't know about and they each eagerly shared anything new they'd found to try.