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Chapter 21

  • "Then two days later was my eighteenth birthday and I opened my presents, one was a new vibrator from my mother, and then James took me back up to my room and used that on me first then I was so ready I was able to take him in pretty easily. I know my parents must have heard me, I was really loud."
  • "Oh, it sounds like you have such a wonderful family are there others in your family who have sex openly like you? Like grandparents and such?" Cindy asked.
  • "No but I saw a man and his wife out by the pool who looked a lot like my grandparents," Julie told Mark as she rocked up and down on his thick cock.
  • "Does that mean you have something for your grandfather, Julie? I've heard that happens sometimes."
  • "It's funny. I never thought so until this morning. And when I looked at this man and saw him naked, well, I need to explain that my grandparents on my mother's side, they aren't nudists like we are so I've never seen his. And, well, he looked like he knew how to use it, I've seen men his age at resorts before but none that were really erect and he was, oh, quite erect," she tittered as she fucked this man's cock, her first of the weekend, how many more would there be, she wondered.
  • "So he had one really sticking out?"
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