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Chapter 10

  • The Resort: Cabin Eleven: Justin and Jean
  • It was Jean first, Justin's tongue had practiced on his girlfriend almost daily and she had shown him every little place that was good. His tongue was now in a new pussy, not his girlfriend, Becca's, her pussy was being licked at the moment by a woman for the first time and we'll back catch up with her soon.
  • For now, her boyfriend, Justin, was fluttering his tongue up in Jean Roger's pussy while he held her open, thrilling her beyond anything she had expected, shaking uncontrollably, she knew this would be one she would remember.
  • "Oh, god, yes, fuck, right there, mmm, mmm," she groaned pushing herself up as his tongue seemed to get deeper. Then, like a flash flood, she was simply swept away by her body's release of everything that was in her, that almost endless store of pleasure. Jean screamed for him to keep going and Justin licked on as he began hearing his sister's familiar whimpers as she begins to lose control. This time it's someone new, not her boyfriend, James, but Rick, the husband of the woman he was licking and tonguing.
  • "Ooooh, ooooh, so good, so good," Jean panted as her hands took Justin's head and pulled it into her, rubbing him all over her wet pussy as she twitched and shuddered, consumed in luscious ecstasy as she lay there giving herself to this young man's tongue.
  • Justin raised his head, smiled wetly up at her and got up on his knees and taking his thick, heavy cock, put it up to her as they both shoved themselves together to begin fucking. This wasn't lovemaking, this was sex, pure fucking, they were both ultra-horny and wanted it fast. It was why everyone came here to this resort on the adult weekends, word had travelled far and wide when they began these special weekends for a distinctive part of their clientele.
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