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Chapter 14

  • "Mmm, you are so sexy, I've dreamed of this for so long now, never had the guts to tell Julie that I wanted her mother so bad, mmm, my cock is so hard, I love Julie for letting me be with you like this, I've seen you looking at my cock at times, you were cool about it but I often had to have Julie take care of my hard-on that you had caused. I'm not sure she kew that but you were why I had to ask your daughter to take me to her room so many times. It was you, Jan, you are just the perfect MILF," he panted as she slowly fucked him, feeling his length so far up inside.
  • She leaned over and kissed him softly, resting her warm, soft breasts on his chest, then told him, "She knew I was interested in you, James, I'd never kept that a secret, Julie told me all about how your cock felt inside her and, well, she sure described it to a T. Mmm, she picked out quite a lovely boyfriend. And now she's sharing him with her mother."
  • "She seemed really eager for us to do this, she's pretty amazing."
  • "She is. And I know that when we all get back home, she and Justin want Dave and I to have sex with you and Becca, even spending maybe a night each week together. I think Julie has plans of you having sex with Becca as well, how would you feel about that? It could even be with Becca and me?"
  • It was hardly necessary for James to be aroused any more than he already was but the idea of having Julie's mother and Justin's girlfriend together, well, the lad's poor cock just had to respond to the thought of that and he shoved up into her feeling that exquisite release that her body had coaxed from him as he groaned deeply and she now began concentrating on her own pleasure of release.
  • "Oh, so close, oh, James, you still feel so good, mmm, oooh, oooh," she panted as she ground down into a frenzy as her body erupted into a passionate rush of ecstasy swirling around her, spiraling up from her pussy, engulfing her like hadn't happened in a long time, she knew she would want her daughter's lover again and again.
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