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Chapter 29

  • "I don't think my mother would appreciate that, she's a lot different that Jan, oh, a lot different. And I'm not so sure my dad would be all that good. After all, you've taught me how to be a great lover," he said as he went back down to lick and tongue Becca's cummy pussy.
  • "You're just being nice. You were pretty good when I first let you in my panties if I remember correctly."
  • "He's sure good at oral," Becca panted as Mark rose up again to add, "As I remember, you weren't wearing panties at the time," and went back to eating out Becca.
  • "Oh, he's right, aren't I a naughty girl?" she chuckled as she opened herself to his tonguing even more.
  •  The Resort: Cabin Six: Enid and Ed with Dave and Jan
  • The Pittman parents, of course, had come outside headed to the pool for a look-see for another likely couple to take to their room when Enid and Ed stepped right out of their room, Cabin Six, and immediately said, "Are you two Justin's parents by any chance?" 
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