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Chapter 6

  • The Resort: Cabin Eleven: Justin and Jean
  • "Jean, this, what's your name?" he asked as he told her. Then, to Justin, "Could I leave you two?" and they both said yes.
  • Jean got up from bed to greet the young man her husband had brought her. "You're so young," she they said as embraced and their hands moved over one another.
  • "I've never done this before, I'm so nervous, come to bed, Justin, have you been here before? Just how old are you?" she asked as he stretched out and her hands went over him as she bent down to kiss his cock. It was very erotic to be felt all over like this, he was on his back, she was next to him, then moved partly over him, as he felt her boobs. Jean was nice, Justin thought, quite trim with small breasts but they looked more like she was his age than the upper thirties he'd guessed.
  • "This is my first time here and I'm nineteen, I brought my girlfriend, she's with someone by now, I'm sure. Have you been here before?"
  • "No, this is our first time. I was nervous about it so I had my husband go find someone for me and he brought me you, I hope you're all right with that?"
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