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Chapter 17

  • So, their nudity had long been obvious and accepted and now, as adults, their sex became more obvious and accepted as well. Indeed, the parents were rather proud that they had raised them to enjoy the handsome bodies they had without the guilt that so many parents seem to burden their children with. They taught them that sex is beautiful and healthy and loving, and they all acted accordingly.
  • There had been a few times in the past when they would leave their children with Dave's parents and go for a weekend at a nudist resort, one that catered to adults, and because of that seemed to attract a clientele more inclined to enjoy their nudism indoors and in bed, usually with other people at the resort. It wasn't a nude sex resort, there are those, this was more discreet though great fun. And they were ready to do it again.
  • Sex was now commonplace in their house once everyone was of-age, they'd told their children they were now leaving their door open if any of them wanted to watch and that soon became standard at home, they would all watch each other.
  • So when the parents were talking about the adult resort weekend, they decided to see if their children and their steadies wanted to go, and were met with a great deal of enthusiasm which their son and James both showed in uncertain terms in a very physical way, each grinning as their girlfriends took them back to their rooms for a while to get them calmed down.
  • As you have read, they all did go to this resort and a number of things happened beyond them all having sex with a wide variety of those there for the weekend. One was that Becca had her first sex with her boyfriend's father and with Julie's boyfriend, James, and James also took Julie's mother, Jan, as a lover as well. They had all actually wanted it to happen this way, after all, they were all sexual free-spirits. It was all in the open, quite literally, they all liked to watch now that they had gone to the resort and had just the kind of time there as you would expect.
  • And now, they are back home, all having sex, no one crossing those barriers that are taboo, only being with the ones they aren't related to, but the fun they had at the resort was often a topic of discussion and they all talked about doing it again. The resort in question was normally a nudist resort for families but once a month put on an adults-only weekend. They all wanted to do it again, all now enjoying a more open lifestyle sexually, and were itching to go again for more.
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