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Chapter 11

  • "You look happy, this is your first time for this, right? With a woman down there?" he asked as her tongue licked along the length of his cock over and over.
  • "It is and it's amazing, now I need to figure a way to begin having sex with women. I have a boyfriend and, well, he doesn't know I'm doing this, we're here together this weekend, I'll just have to see how things go when we get back home. You let your wife have women and men, both? Is that pretty common here on these adult-only weekends, this is my first time?"
  • "My wife and I are pretty open about her having women. We have several women we share, they're lovers to both of us and it's pretty great, I'm not at all jealous about it, in fact I love to watch Nicole with another woman, there's really something special about it, and, yes, I don't think she's ever been turned down at one of these open weekends," he told her but the feelings running through her were rising quickly now and she wanted to focus on how Nicole was making her pussy feel so she just let her hand play with Ron's cock while she watched her new female lover feast on her between her legs, so new and thrilling to feel.
  • The Resort: Cabin Seven: The Pittman Family
  • Back in the Pittman's room, Jan, his girlfriend's mother, had just asked him if he wanted to continue fucking her when they all returned home after their sex resort weekend.
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