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Chapter 8

  • So, just the same way she might admire his gray-green eyes, she think he's got a terrific-looking cock. And Julie sees it as often as his eyes. Even now, down licking Jean, his cock was quite lovely pointing stiffly at her, she could see it and admire her brother's manly body.
  • She reached down to ease her warm labia open and Rick began swirling his tongue around making her shiver and tremble with delight, it was her mother who told her about using her fingers to open herself like this when she had once asked her if she had any tips for oral sex and that had been one of them. Julie and her mom have always had lines of communication better than she saw with any of her friends and their mothers, she'd even told her mom all about the first sex she and James had and in quite some detail. Her mother actually made her feel pretty proud of it.
  • And, now, here she was on her back with a new man tonguing up into her while her brother was on the same bed doing the man's pretty wife. And their day is just beginning.
  • Jean's hands were on Justin's head as he licked and probed into her, then he brought a hand up to rub over her clit making her moan.
  • "Oh, omigod, oh, make me cum, it feels so good, oh, I'm glad we came, Rick, I'm sorry I made such a commotion earlier, I just need to let go, I was so nervous," Jean cried out awash in exquisite feelings as her body began to shake and hump up at Justin as he kept trying to tongue further into her. "Uuuh, uuuh, uuuh, oh, fuck me, fuck me now," she cried out as he got up on his knees, took his cock and as her husband watched the two of them now beginning to fuck, just what he has been wanting for her, looking over to see Justin's young cock pushed up into his wife as she lifted her legs high up over them, moving her pussy around in joyous delight. Just what he was wanting and, it, now, was just what she was now wanting.
  • "Ohh, omigod, so good, yes, oh Rick, I don't know why I didn't want to come, I was scared, I guess, that none of the men here would want me," she panted as he moved back and forth fucking her so passionately.
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