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Chapter 22

  • They decided to have her first public penetration take as long as they could possibly make it. The audience upstairs at the master bedroom window were soon in their own sexual frenzy, something they talk about to this day. Yes, this is a very sexual family.
  • "Oh, my ID? Yeah they actually made copies of mine and Justin's both, I guess they need proof if there's ever any problem. And his sister and her boyfriend. I guess I can see why," Becca said, adding, "but it's sure nice to be seeing what fun we can have now that we're old enough. I never knew this resort did this once a month. I love it, don't you, Ed?" as she twisted on him feeling his cock filling her. Yes, they were all enjoying the freedom to take any sexual partner you seemed attracted to on this amazing weekend.
  • The Resort: Cabin Three: Mark and Cindy with James and Julie
  • Julie had just told Cindy and Mark that her parents had been watching them have sex from upstairs and James mentioned that he knew they would be watching and had told Julie.
  • "That's when I told James that with his big cock, I wanted to put on a show for them they wouldn't forget. Turned out I'll never forget it, either. I told him we should lie down so they could see his cock going into me and that he should take as long as he could to put it in me."
  • "Oh, let me tell you, I'd waited a long time to fuck Julie. And we did it in her room that first time but then after breakfast, we went for a swim after and were going to do it out by the pool this time. And now she wanted me to put it into her as slowly as I could. Oh, man, that was not easy, I just wanted to fuck her so bad. But I've got to say, her mom, especially, talks about it to this day," James told them.
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