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Chapter 27

  • Sara went right to the bedroom with Justin in hand, telling him she liked his directness, then sat down and looked up, saying, "I like being direct, too?" and slipped her lips over his cock and began to suck as he reached down for her breasts as her eyes sparkled looking up at him.
  • "I guess we're being direct, now," Troy said as he sat Becca on the bed and knelt down between her legs which she'd eagerly opened knowing exactly where he was headed. Her hand guided his head forward as she felt that first lick, no doubt lapping up her juices and cum, she's had a fun afternoon so far. He said nothing just a few mumbles of licking and sucking on her as she reached down to cup Sara's boob while she sucked her boyfriend.
  • He was playing with the other one as they began with their third couple of the day.
  • "Mmm, I love your hard cock, Justin, tell me, how old are you two? Did you sneak in under the fence?" Sara asked as she pulled back from his cock and scooted up on the bed, flopping her legs wide for him.
  • "No, even crazier than that. We're here with my parents," Justin said as he dipped down to kiss and tongue this newest lover.
  • Troy then lifted up and asked, "You're shitting us, for sure. How did you get here? We're happy you did, just tell us," as Becca knowing what she wanted, moved right up next to Sara.
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