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Chapter 5

  • Julie knew she was seducing her boyfriend with the idea of having sex with her mother. 
  • Why was she doing this? Perhaps you're wondering why she might want her boyfriend to have sex with her mother?
  • First, Julie is very tight with her mother who had already asked Julie how it felt to have sex with James. He does rather stand out among the men in the Pittman household with that lovely cock hanging from him, even soft it's a little over six inches and when Julie licks and sucks it, it rises to a distinctly manly nine and a half inches. She well knew the thrill of taking his long, thick cock into her body and knew she was lucky to have a young man of such wonderful physical endowment dangling from between his legs. Even fairly soft, seeing it made her heart pound.
  • Second, Julie has been brought up that sex is pleasure and now that they knew their parents had shared sexual partners, Julie and Justin didn't see any particular reason their parents shouldn't share their sexual partners as well. That went for Justin as well, after all, Becca had said a few times how sexy she thought his dad was. So, why not? It was sharing the pleasure they all enjoyed.
  • They had all agreed to go to the resort and Mom and Dad told them one last thing on Wednesday, two days before they went. It was their mom that started.
  • "I want you to know that I've given Dad my permission, a 'hall-pass' if you will, for him to have sex with anyone there this weekend that he wants. So, if you see him with someone, this is why we go to this particular resort. Don't be surprised."
  • Then Dave added, "Yes, Mom knows, too, that it's okay with me for her to be with anyone she chooses, we let each other enjoy times like this without any judgement. We've found that it spices up our life when we're back home so when we're at this resort there will likely be times we could be in the same room together but with different people. We want you to know that if you see it that we both know and that it's fine with the two of us."
  • Justin almost asked him if that included Becca being with him but decided to keep that to himself for now.
  • It was now just a few days before they all got in their SUV and drove to this place, it turns out that most of the time it was a normal nudist resort with families and such but on the first weekend of each month it became adults-only with little more said about it on their website. There was nothing about hooking-up, swapping, or sex, just that it was for adults. But their parents had been there before and they knew that everyone who went on the first weekend of the month was looking for an exciting, sex-filled, rather than a healthy, sun-filled lifestyle.
  • Check-in time was one o'clock rather later than the usual eleven, it seems they wanted their regular nudist guests to be checked out and gone before the weekend people came and they got there about one thirty.
  • Their sex began on the way there, Justin had his penis out for Becca to play with and, sitting behind them, as soon as James saw that, he got his out so Julie could get him in the mood, not that her boyfriend really ever needed much encouragement in matters of sex. He's just about always ready, just like his girlfriend.
  • Their parents had told them that they had all been to this resort many years ago, long before the adult weekend was ever offered but, honestly, it seemed Justin and Julie had little recollection of the place until they pulled up in front of the entrance.
  • The Resort: Cabin Seven: The Pittman Family
  • Dave parked and went in and in a few minutes came back telling everyone they had cabin seven and they drove in and found it right away. There weren't many people around outside and Becca asked Jan if many people came for these adult weekends and she laughed, telling her, "Oh, they're likely inside where the beds are, I expect. You don't come for a tan," and they all laughed and took their things in and got undressed.
  • Becca was excited, asking Justin, "Okay, are we going to stick together at first and maybe see if there's a couple to pair-up with or do you want to just go out by the pool and we can go our separate ways?"
  • "Would you feel more comfortable if we stayed together?" he asked knowing this was all so new.
  • "Justin, if it's okay, I'd just like to go out and look around on my own, okay?" and he told her it was fine with him and she was soon out the door carrying just the normal folded towel everyone takes when they're at a nudist resort.
  • Dad and Julie also left the cabin as Justin was left inside with Mom and James, not at all what he came there for, so he went out to look around and figuring they may have headed for the pool he turned the other way and almost immediately came upon a man walking around the corner of one of the buildings.
  • "Oh, hello, just get here?" he asked.
  • "Yes, actually."
  • "Have you paired up with anyone yet?" the man asked him.
  • If the man was wanting to hook up with him, Justin wanted to nip it in the bud, telling him, "Um, actually, I was kind of looking for a woman."
  • "Yes, of course, sorry, I didn't mean me. My wife is in our room, could I take you there, I'm sure she'd like you?" Justin told him that sounded fine, the man was about forty or so and he expected he would have a wife about the same age and when they went in the room, it took a few seconds for his eyes to adjust.