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Chapter 24

  • "Oh, girl, what fine breasts you have. I bet this boyfriend of yours just loves to play with these," he said as his hands rubbed over them. "Such hard nipples, you must love sucking these hard, little beauties," he said to James who was now deep inside his wife, Vera, as she was moving her hips making it all feel even better.
  • "They're great, aren't they? And, yes, I suck them all the time, even when we're watching TV with her family. I often stretch out with my head in her lap sucking one while her mom plays with my cock."
  • Chet looked down at Julie, his eyes wide, asking, "Surely, he's got too active an imagination," and snickered a bit.
  • "No, my mom jacks him off almost as much as I do, she loves his cock, what woman wouldn't?" Julie said as Vera turned her head up to agree.
  • "I know I sure do," and she wiggled her butt, and went back to licking them as they fucked.
  • The Resort: Cabin Seven: Dave and Jan with Nina and Glen
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