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The Pittman Family Saga: Nudists and Naughty

The Pittman Family Saga: Nudists and Naughty

Reese Cantwell

Update: 2021-11-12

Chapter 1 Prologue

  • The Pittman Family Saga
  • Nudists and Naughty
  • Author's note: While it may appear that there might be incest or underage sex in this book, that is not the case. So please understand that all characters are at least 18 and no character has sex with sex with anyone closely related to them though they are often within sight of one another.
  • Prologue
  • At Home: The Pittman Family
  • A lot had happened that weekend and it's important to know who was there.
  • First of all there was Dave and Jan Pittman, Dave is forty-two, Jan, forty, and everyone will tell you tell you she doesn't look it. She takes care of herself, plays tennis, eats better than most and, well, all her son's friends refer to her a MILF. She's beautiful, especially naked. And none of them really know what she's like at home.
  • Now, one thing should be mentioned, one key thing, that's that Dave and Jan, the parents in this story are nudists…they live a mostly nude lifestyle. Perhaps you don't know of any nudists personally or might not be friends with any nudists but it's how these two have lived and it is how their two children, Justin, now nineteen, and Julie, recently eighteen, have been brought up. And it is a life that they have all grown very relaxed about and accustomed to. To the four of them it is the norm, the open and fit life that they all agree is perfect for the four of them.
  • People like the Pittmans are out there in the world, many of us may have had friends that are nudists but there are many people that we may not know by their other name: naturists. For a nudist family, it's often somewhat tricky keeping the two groups of people, those who know and those who don't, separate, but around the house, the Pittmans are usually naked, all four of them. And have been since Jan and Dave married.
  • Since they are nude nearly all their time together and since they're all human, Dave and his son, Justin, do get erections. If an erection makes its appearance, Jan or Julie will often suggest it be taken care of it, especially if Justin's girlfriend, Becca, isn't at hand, so to speak.
  • So, it's also not surprising that something sexual might be said more often in a nudist home than around your own home. After all, it's doubtful that when you were thirteen that your mom told you to go to your room and masturbate but Justin's did and so did his sister tell him at times. Indeed, she rather enjoyed telling him that he needed to "go make that go away, Justin."
  • It was his dad who, when Justin began having erections, remember, they're all nude so his penis was always on display, told him how to take care of it, even letting him watch a video or two. His penis has never been the same since.
  • If you're in a nudist family, erections happen, everyone knows this and expects them, the penis is not made to be indifferent to the female body and they look at these things as just being the natural actions of a normal, healthy male body. There wouldn't be many of us around otherwise. It's just not possible to avoid and nudist families are used to living with erections, it's just like sneezing around your house though far more interesting and certainly more erotic and a great deal more pleasurable. And these erections are liable to happen at just any time, it goes with 'the territory,' as they say.
  • You should see Jan and her daughter, Julie, they're both very pretty, and each knows she gives Dave and Justin hard-ons. And, yes, sometimes, if Julie is horny, and that's often for a young woman living naked as she does with her family, and in a teasing mood, she'll make it happen so her brother or dad will have to go and privately masturbate. Usually her dad will ask Jan to come to their room and do it one way or another, and sometimes when she senses that her mother is horny and desiring her dad, Julie will help things along for the two of them. Yes, she's like that, a sexual tease just like her mother at that age though she doesn't know that.
  • Julie also has a boyfriend, James, who is not nudist at home but he loves being that way at Julie's. He often sleeps over, in her bed, now that they're both of age, and they're never particularly quiet about what wonderful things they are doing together. They are usually so excited sexually when they do go back to her bedroom that they can barely keep their hands form one another.
  • While not all nudists are more sexually open than conventionally-clothed families, Justin and Julie follow the sexual inclinations of their parents and, as we will see, they have been quite indulgent and free in regard how they enjoy their bare-skinned life.
  • So, now, both children, after a lifetime of nudism, are both of age and their parent's have always seen sex as a healthy, vital and quite normal part of life and a major part of life's happiness and have guided the two of their children in the same fashion…that sex is a good thing, especially when you have the feelings of love for the person and a drive to seek and give pleasure with them.
  • Justin and his girlfriend, Becca, also sleep together when she stays over, she's from a nudist family so she fit in with them right from the beginning. If their parents aren't around, Justin and Julie make out wherever in the house they might be horny when they're with their girlfriend or boyfriend but if it's sex they want, they just go to their room and close the door so they not only have the privacy but if their parents come back, they'll be left alone.
  • Julie often tells her mom about her sex with James, they're close that way, her mom has given her lots of ideas to try in her bedroom with her boyfriend who, if you saw him, well, his is smaller than a horse and he is rather proud of being the largest male in the house.
  • What our story is about is a nudist resort they all went to one weekend, one that was decidedly different; their family had been to naturist resorts before, even this very one, years ago, but their parents asked them if, now that they were adults, if their two adult children and their partners might want to go with them to an adults-only nudist resort weekend, one that the management excludes anyone under eighteen.
  • Justin remembered the place and asked how this might be different when they had gone there before  and they were told...there will be no children there and, while no public sex was allowed, people went there to meet and hook-up with new people and they wanted to know if the younger members of their household might want to try a distinctly-adult vacation. It's probably certain your parents never asked you if you might want to go to a place like this but Justin and Julie were and the excitement was immediately to be seen with their son, Justin.
  • So, they're nudists and are each having sex with their partner, Mom with Dad, Justin and Becca and Julie with James. They are all attractive people, but of the men, James is hung, even soft it hangs heavily out from him and when he gets hard it slowly rises up like a flagpole, long and thick and so solid. Even Julie's mom looks at him when it does. Of course, she tries to be cool about it when he gets that way but it's obvious enough that she's interested in her daughter's boyfriend's equipment. She's even opened her legs a few times seeing what happens when he's in the room.