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Chapter 12

  • The Resort: Cabin Eleven: Justin and Jean
  • Julie, Dave's daughter and James's girlfriend, currently with his cock inside her mother back in their cabin, had her legs open to someone new, closed her eyes and tried to picture her boyfriend as she knew he was fucking her mother. She'd told him to stay in their cabin and have sex with her, she not only approved, it was what she wanted, her mother had always been so good, so understanding, that she wanted her boyfriend to make her happy. He certainly had the cock for it and she knew her mother must be loving it this very moment.
  • She looked over at her current lover's wife next to her as her brother, Justin, fucked her, it wasn't Becca this time as it always had been, this was someone new for them both, brother and sister. And she knew this was just a beginning for them, that she didn't think she'd be having sex with her brother, Justin, that had always been quite clear from their parents, but, if you weren't related, well, that was different and she had been taught that growing up. And she thought that the list of who she and her brother could have sex with might just include her parents' friends, the Roberts and the Howards.
  • "Oh, oh, yes, mmm, so good," Jean cried out next to her as her brother, Justin pushed down into her as she locked her legs around him and shook and rocked keeping his cock deep until he groaned as well and they both came down, gasping and panting while next to them, Julie pulled her legs back bringing her feet almost to the headboard as Jean's husband, Rick, drove in and out as she could finally feel him getting nearly as deep as James does and it triggered a landslide of an orgasm which swept over her as she tried pushing him even deeper.
  • Then the sounds of their breathing were most of what they heard in their room as both couples enjoyed the lovely flush of their after-sex coupling, still connected, each moving not quite wanting it to end but knowing it had and knowing there were other partners to enjoy on this crazy, wonderful weekend of spectacular sex. Their parents were so right, this place was amazing and the were taking full advantage of it.
  • So, Justin and Julie kissed and hugged their lovers goodbye and all four went out into the sunshine looking for someone new. Once outside, they all went in different directions, Julie out to the pool, Justin to a covered area where the hot tubs were.
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