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Chapter 28

  • "Oh, omigod, that is so fucking good," Vera cried out as she reached up and pulled him down to her and humped underneath him over and over fucking him with all she had inside her.
  • "Uuuh, uuuh, uuuh, oh, fuck," she gasped as his hips flew forward as she raised hers up to take his cum as she felt him throb and throb deep inside her.
  • "Oh, oh, that was so good, oh, eighteen years old. I never thought I'd have a young cock like yours ever again. And such a fucking big one," she panted as they slowly got their breath back.
  • Chet knew he was close as well, after all Julie was a beautiful and highly sexual young woman and when she, like Vera had, began moving around on him, he hardly lasted a few turns, that's how good it was, yes, for both.
  • Julie cried out, almost calling him 'grandpa' for this fantasy had gripped her and as she felt him cumming inside her, pulled him close wanting him to enjoy it as much as she had. Their sex truly felt special to her.
  • "Thank you," she said, "that was wonderful, I'll always remember it," she said as she pulled him tight, still feeling his cock inside her.
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